Intelligent Light Receives Prestigious HPC Innovation Excellence Award From IDC


CyrusOne, Dell, R Systems Deliver Oil & Gas Cloud-Based Solution


Trek Bicycles in the Fast Lane with CFD in the Cloud


Intelligent Light Accelerates Research with the Dell/R Systems HPC Cloud Bursting Solution


R Systems Assists Kove in Setting Four World Storage Records

Kove, a leading high performance storage vendor, has announced four (4) World Storage firsts[...]


R Systems Teams with Intelligent Light On CFD Research Project

Sometimes apparently simple things have an underlying complexity that is astounding. Take a bicycle wheel for example. It's round, has a [...]


CFD In The Cloud

It can be really frustrating trying to keep up with the computer Joneses. Every "x" number of months, software companies introduce [...]


R Systems Provides Record-breaking Performance in Next-generation Sequencing at the University of Illinois Institute for Genomic Biology (IGB)

When University of illinois faculty member Jian Ma needed high performance [...]


CD-adapco, R Systems Help Wilson to Throw the Perfect Spiral

Following the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) analysis of its soccer ball aerodynamics[...]


Intelligent Light Pioneers High Performance Cloud-Enabled CFD

Agreement with R Systems gives FieldViewT users flexible, affordable capacity to maximize productivity and results


Ohio Supercomputer Center and R Systems merge efforts to help industry

Both are participating at national level to change modeling, simulation accessibility


400% Performance Increase

R Systems NA, Inc. and RNA Networks create out of the box 400% performance increase...


Several new case studies added!

New case studies about HPC from Intel, Dell, and iCyt...


Supercomputing Firm Offers World-Class Resources

R Systems provides flexible high-performance computing (HPC) resources for academic researchers and commercial organizations...


CFdesign + HPC = Performance Leap

Cornell Pump optimizes its software on R Systems high-performance computing environment...


Wolfram Alpha gets supercomputer boost

One of my concerns with the public launch of Wolfram Alpha later this month is withstanding the crushing load the Internet can ...


Wolfram to Provide Cloud Computing for HPC Tasks

Wolfram Research announced an initiative today to develop a cloud computing service for users of their flagship technical computing software Mathematica..


Working with R Systems has many advantages, including;

We can configure our services based on demand:

R Systems will have same day access to standard Hardware/Operating System/Application configurations at various scales based on availability.

We can implement fast technology updates:

R Systems works with it's partners to manage systems through their entire life-cycle, from bleeding edge beginnings to cost effective throughput and retirement. This helps researchers who need fast technology updates for the absolute best times to solution stay on the latest and greatest technologies as they are released. High throughput researchers benefit from the scale and rapid transition of bleeding edge systems to seasoned workhorses and the cost reductions we can provide them.

We're hardware agnostic:

R Systems will provide the systems based on actual demand, not allegiance to any hardware.

We're operating system agnostic:

R Systems will allow custom OS deployments for each application or customer that is useful on a given set of HPCC hardware, avoiding potential compromised performance of many "one-size-fits-all" shared clusters.

We're application agnostic:

R Systems will allow any legal open or closed source applications and versions as supplied and licensed by the customer when licensing can be validated.

Your situation can be assessed and individually optimized:

The agnostic nature of R Systems allows customers to test and deploy multiple Hardware/Software/Application scenarios to isolate the most effective alternative for their research.

Our services can be provided a lower costs:

By limiting our levels of redundancy and backups to only our high end environments, we can reduce the costs of our services for non-critical research. Mission-critical facilities are still available at reasonable cost for customers requiring a more secure and redundant environment.